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Kids Birthday Party for Alessandrea

Thematic Kids Birthday Party for Harith Iskandar’s Daughter

Loads of fun decorating the whole place for Harith Iskandar‘s daughter, Alessandrea 2nd birthday in Malaysia with a whole bunch of her (and her brothers) friends. We did safari theme kids birthday party, birthday cakes, birthday party packs, balloon sculpture including giraffe, animal featured balloons, happy birthday backdrop, and much more. There were as many as 40 kids running and playing around at one point. Every kid when home with party pack as memorable gift.

Feel free to browse through our offerings at our party page. We’ve done birthday parties for adults and children alike, including celebrities.

Contact us now to plan your children’s special moments. It only happen once a year, so make sure you don’t miss it! We specialize in fantastic kids birthday party decorations and provide entertainers like magicians, clowns and balloon artists in Malaysia.

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