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Superstars of Magic 4

Superstars of Magic 4 held in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia feature:

  • Joseph Gabriel of USA
  • Shawn Farquhar of Canada
  • Alana Moelmann of Germany
  • Jay Mattioli of USA
  • Jeff Lee of Taiwan
  • Ted Kim of Korea
  • Guest magician Yu Hojin of Korea

10 Jul 2015 – 25 Oct 2015. Superstars of Magic 4 is the 4th installation of highly rated top magicians throughout the world perform in Resorts World Genting Highlands.

Excerpt for 361asia on Superstars of Magic 4:

Superstars of Magic 4 features seven world-class illusionists who present a range of traditional (like pulling a live dove out of nowhere, which never ceases to amaze) to modern high-tech tricks (think use of screens and video games).

Superstars of Magic 4 lineup profile

Jay Mattioli (USA) was the “Electrifying Conjurer”. He doubled as the emcee and comedian who strung all the acts together into a wonderful narrative for us. He was great in getting the audience and kids to participate.

Joseph Gabriel (USA), “Godfather of Dove Magic”, one of the rare magicians who has had his very own show on Broadway, performed classic, minimalist tricks with live birds – an act which looked incredibly challenging. There is not much gadgetry (from what I could see) that can go into pulling doves and ducks out of nowhere and making them sleep. This was indeed magic at its purest and oldest form – what a real veteran of the classics.

Jeff Lee from Taiwan, “TV maestro”, performed with TV magic and modern music, pulling CDs endlessly out of his screen.

One Gun (South Korea) is a young man (or if you like, “Modern Chameleon”) who has good looks straight out of a Korean drama – that Mattioli didn’t hesitate to emphasise to the young audience. His T-shirt act featured him changing clothes instantly before our very eyes.

Ted Kim (South Korea), “Dream Magician” amazed the kids in the audience with his use of screen mapping and LED projector technology, incorporating video games and music into his act. In fact, he brought out the kid in us, eliciting the most emotional response from those of my generation who used to play Super Mario and games like pong. I cannot describe the wave of nostalgia that overcame me when I heard Super Mario again, given that I have not played that game in years.

Shawn Farquhar (Canada), the current International Brotherhood of Magician performed my favourite trick in the entire show. Farquhar, the “King of Cards”, is known for his original card trick performed with actions matching the lyrics of a Sting classic (you can guess which one) – a strangely moving trick that somehow elicited a tear from me at the finale. Get this card trick right, guys, and you will get the girl. Without spoiling the fun further, this trick is one that no one can resist being charmed by – for the guys who intend to make that marriage proposal, you know who to get to help you in it.

Another performer who was not present that night is Alana Moelmann from Germany, the only princess among the princes, whom I’m told usually produces a series of human hands out of her jacket!

This video below was played during the final show of Superstars of Magic 4. What a great memory it was. As we walked out, so many of the audience thanked us for putting up a great show . Thanks for everything guys , gonna miss you all.

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